![](https://docs.monadical.com/uploads/upload_924146ca3fa424ec6356f5c1a465d688.png) <center> <hr/> <a href="https://monadical.com" class="btn btn-default btn-lg">Company Site</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="https://apply.monadical.io/" class="btn btn-success btn-lg">Apply Now &nbsp;<i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i></a> </center> # Monadical Careers: Senior Unity Developer [TOC] --- ## Work Environment ### Company Culture **[Monadical](https://monadical.com) is a fully-remote software consultancy that prides ourselves on maintaining a healthy work/life balance and supportive, remote working culture.** We strive to build a diverse, friendly, and knowledgeable [team](https://monadical.com/team.html), and expose ourselves to a [variety of industries](https://monadical.com/projects.html) and learning environments. We work with a wide range of clients on medium/large web development projects, ranging from 3-12+ months. The industries we've worked with are varied, from finance to biomedicine and neuroscience. Most of our clients find us via word-of-mouth or by reading our blog posts and watching our employees talks. Our goal as a company is to build up a team of good people, with the knowledge and resources needed to invest in the projects that we're truly passionate about. We work with clients whose missions we believe in, and actively decline clients we don't think are a good fit with our work style or code of ethics. We try to build our company structure to ensure employees have lots of freedom to choose the projects they enjoy most, and the power to have a real impact on product decisions and company direction. **We also have a strong set of [company principles](https://monadical.com/principles.html) that drive who we work with and how we maintain our culture.** The company principles handbook is a collaborative, public effort and is editable by any employee by submitting a pull request. ### Perks Some perks of working with us include: - Work from home (we're fully remote! Office space is available to Montreal-based applicants) - Flexible working hours - Six weeks of paid vacation - Competitive salary - Time and support for self-improvement/blogging/talks/side-projects/FOSS contribution - Strong cultural emphasis on individual autonomy and impact on company direction --- ## Job description We’re looking for a **Senior Unity Developer**. Candidates will be responsible for programming and designing new features using Unity, designing and writing tests, and debugging. Candidates should be able to automate tests when possible, participate in code reviews, and participate in documenting new features. Most of all, candidates will share knowledge with, and generally support their team. Most importantly, we value open, inclusive communication. See our company principles for more details. We want candidates who are able to communicate fluently with other team members, and communicate with clients and managers to distill product requirements and lay out a development path with accurate time estimates. We’re a fully remote company, so you should be comfortable getting things done and directing team members with little oversight! We value curiosity and a desire to learn and improve, with strong self-direction and self-motivation. For candidates based in Montreal, we have an optional office space available. ### Minimum requirements - Strong experience with Unity - Experience in game programming or multimedia projects - Knowledge of C# - Client management and product management experience - Strong English level (equivalent to B1 or higher) - Availability during Eastern American working hours (11am - 5pm EST, flexible) ### Nice-to-have skills - Experience in working with/implementing networked game architechure. - Experience working with ECS game development models. Unity's Data Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS), Photon Quantum or equivalent. - Experience with C++, Rust, javascript, and/or Python. - Located in or near Montreal. --- ## Application Process Our application process is easy and transparent: 1. **30min: Take an untimed coding [test](https://apply.monadical.io/) and access the application form upon passing.** 2. **45 min: Non-coding conversational interview** Chat with Ana, Tess, or Max (no whiteboarding or quizzing theory/architecture/etc) 3. **2-6 hr: Small untimed take-home project** 4. **60 min: Pairing interview: Add a feature to take-home project with a lead developer.** * First 10 min: Discuss your take-home project and the current state of their code. * Next 10 min: Have you step into the shoes of a product manager and discuss potential features to add to their project. Frame it as if it's a client project and have you explain your thought process when gathering requirements, prioritizing tickets, delegating, and making time estimates. * Last 40-60 min: Pair on adding a feature to the codebase together. This interview is to gauge the experience of working together on a technical task, not to measure raw coding speed. We're more impressed by people who talk clearly through their thought process and code deliberately, than those who try to add as many features as possible in a short time. Treat the task of adding a feature as if it were an un-timed take-home task, and focus on explaining your decisions, more than sheer lines-of-code output during the interview. * We've all had interview jitters, so if the feature was not completed during pairing or if you feel the interview wasn't a good representation of your abilities, you're welcome to push further commits up to 24 hours afterward with a short description of the changes made, and we'll include it with equal weight when evaluating the codebase. 6. **60min: Pairing interview: same structure as above, pairing with another lead developer.** The whole process usually takes 3-4 weeks, depending on the applicant pipeline and response times. <center> <hr/> <a href="https://monadical.com" class="btn btn-default btn-lg">Company Site</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="https://apply.monadical.io/" class="btn btn-success btn-lg">Apply Now &nbsp;<i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i></a> </center>