<a href="https://nick764452.typeform.com/to/foY2K2?typeform-source=monadical.com" class="btn btn-success btn-lg">Apply Now &nbsp;<i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i></a> </center> # Senior Game Designer [TOC] --- ## Job description We're looking for a **Senior Game Designer** to work on a brand new MOBA-inspired multiplayer game. We would love for a passionate and talented person who has been a primary or lead game designer on a well-designed game to join our team. Someone who will interface with the art and programming teams and provide documentation, spec out, prototype, and iterate on the core game loop, game mechanics, and character abilities. ### Responsibilities - Collaborate with the creative leadership to develop the game’s vision and produce practical, executable designs, and help us find the fun! - Generate and iterate on game design ideas, building out all the specs and documentation. - Guide the team through development and iteration, including working with production to scope, prioritize, and schedule. Work closely with programmers, artists, other designers, and QA to deliver on that plan. - Benchmark and break down competitor’s games into defined references, analysis, and inspiration. - Fine-tune and balance the game mechanics using data analysis and playtesting. Most importantly, candidates will share knowledge with, and generally support their team. We value open, inclusive communication and profesionalism. See our company principles for more details. We want candidates who are able to communicate fluently with other team members, and are comfortable wearing multiple hats. We’re a fully remote company, so you should be comfortable getting things done and directing team members with little oversight! We value curiosity and a desire to learn and improve, with strong self-direction and self-motivation. ### Minimum requirements - 5+ years of experience in professional Game Design both as part of a team and in a leadership position - Experience creating complex systems with attention to detail - Strong communication and leadership skills - Deep knowledge of and passion for PVP games and the MOBA space in particular - Experience working on both small and large teams, and multiple shipped titles - Strong English level (equivalent to B1 or higher) - Availability during Eastern American working hours (11am - 5pm EST, flexible) ### Nice-to-have - Experience in Unity (a similar game engine and the ability to pick Unity up quickly is OK) - Located in or near Montreal - Some scripting or coding experience --- ## Application Process Our application process is easy and transparent: 1. **5 min: Submit our online [application form](https://monadical.com/team.html#join)**. 2. **60 min: Non-coding conversational interview** 3. **2-6 hr: Small untimed take-home project**: take an existing game and develop a new mechanic 4. **60 min: Pairing interview: Add a feature to take-home project with a lead.** 5. **60min: Pairing interview: same structure as above, pairing with another lead.** The whole process usually takes 2 weeks depending on the applicant pipeline and response times. <center> <hr/> &nbsp; <a href="https://nick764452.typeform.com/to/foY2K2" class="btn btn-success btn-lg">Apply Now &nbsp;<i class="fa fa-angle-double-right"></i></a> </center>